What is a songwriter page?

A songwriter page is a new place on Spotify for songwriters to showcase their works to potential collaborators and fans. These pages include all works your publisher chooses to share on your behalf if you’re involved in our beta, as well as a list of your most frequent artist collaborators. You can share a link to your page on social media or your website so anyone can check out your music, whether they’re a Spotify user or not.

Where can people find songwriter pages?

Spotify users on our IOS, Android, and Desktop apps can find songwriter pages by viewing the credits for a track. If the track has been linked to a songwriter page, then users will be able to click the songwriter’s name to go to their page. Learn more about credits here.

Please note, we're currently testing songwriter pages with a small, diverse number of publishers and songwriters, so not all songwriter names within the credits will be clickable at this time.

What are the next steps for me as a publisher to create a Songwriter Page?

For the initial beta phase of songwriter pages we’re working with publishers to create the pages via Spotify Publishing Analytics. Let us know you’re interested in these pages by filling out the form here.

I haven’t worked with Spotify before, how do I get started?

Glad to hear you want to work with us! You’ll need to first set up a Spotify Publishing Analytics account from which you can then request songwriter pages. To set up a Spotify Publishing Analytics account, you’ll need to send us your data about the works you represent in CWR format. For more information about CWR and Spotify Publishing Analytics, please visit publishers.spotify.com.

Can songwriters create their own page?

Currently this product is in the pilot phase and we are working directly with publishers to set up the pages. Please reach out to your publisher to hear more about the process and express your interest here.

I’m an independent songwriter, how can I get a page?

For the initial beta of songwriter pages, we’re working with publishers to create the pages via Spotify Publishing Analytics. This is because we need detailed publishing data delivered in CWR format, which is something that most publishers should be able to provide. We'll share more info once we're able to roll out future phases of songwriter pages. In the meantime, please register your interest in songwriter pages here.

What should I do if a song is missing or incorrect on my songwriter page?

Songwriter pages are powered by data provided to us by publishers and are displayed as delivered via Spotify Publishing Analytics. If you need to make a correction, reach out to your publisher. Once they’ve updated the data, we’ll work on getting the changes live ASAP - typically within a week.