What is Spotify Publishing Analytics?

Spotify Publishing Analytics is a powerful tool that provides music publishers with access to information about the use of their works on Spotify. Publishers can view analytics across their global catalog, see which playlists are driving engagement, view next day trends, look at historical information, see data on cover versions of a composition, and export filtered streaming information. With new functionality being added regularly, Spotify Publishing Analytics can be used by publishers to identify streaming trends for current releases as well as back catalog.

How do I join Spotify Publishing Analytics?

Spotify Publishing Analytics is available to music publishers in any territory where Spotify is live. As we’re currently in limited Beta, we are granting access to a limited number of publishers in phases. Sign up to request access through our signup form, and we’ll reach out when we’re ready to onboard you. There is no cost to sign up for this tool.

Please note that at this time, Spotify Publishing Analytics is available to publishers who can provide details of the works they represent in the CWR format. The structure of this industry-adopted format allows us to give you detailed mapping to each territory where you represent works.

Information about CISAC’s CWR (Common Works Registration) is available here. Catalog management tools such as Music Maestro and ALV are able to export your works as CWRs.

I filled out the signup form but I haven’t heard back from Spotify. What should I do next?

Please note that Spotify Publishing Analytics is a tool for music publishers, and is limited to publishers only at this time. All music publishers who support CWR hear back within a few weeks. If you can export your data to CWR, and you haven’t heard back from us, please fill out the form again to remind us you’re ready.

I'm a songwriter, can I have access to Spotify Publishing Analytics?

We are working on multiple ways for songwriters to benefit from the work we're doing around publishing analytics. If you’re a songwriter and would like to discover the analytics around your songs, please reach out to your publisher. A majority of the world’s leading music publishers are partnering with Spotify to further develop this tool.