What is Spotify Publishing Analytics?

Spotify Publishing Analytics is a tool that provides music publishers with access to information about the use of their works on Spotify. Publishers can view analytics across their global catalog, understand which playlists are driving engagement, and export certain streaming information.

How do I join Spotify Publishing Analytics?

Spotify Publishing Analytics is available to music publishers in any country. If you’re a publisher, request access here.

During onboarding, you will need to provide Spotify with details of the works you represent in the CWR or DDEX-MWN format. This will allow us to provide analytics across your catalog, and visibility on your songs usage worldwide.

How does Spotify Publishing Analytics benefit songwriters?

The daily analytics will help songwriters and their publishers make the most of Spotify's reach and information. If a songwriter’s publisher has provided publishing information for a writer’s works to Spotify, the publisher will be able to see analytics. Information on where and how songs are listened to can be used to help build the careers of songwriters.

I'm a songwriter, can I have access to Spotify Publishing Analytics?

We are working on multiple ways for songwriters to benefit from the work we're doing around publishing analytics. Currently, access to Spotify Publishing Analytics is for music publishers only.