Creating playlists on your account is your chance to drive listeners to your music on Spotify.


Show off your brand.

Make your playlists stand out with a custom playlist image. You can upload playlist imagery and descriptions by hovering on the album art in the Desktop Spotify Client. A succinct title with a contextual description helps listeners find your playlist and learn about the featured content.

Disney Princesa (LatAM)


Support your pitch.

Re-create your sync pitch playlists on Spotify to send to music supervisors and reduce barriers to listening. You can use private playlists to pitch specific songwriters, artists, moods or genres without cluttering your profile.

Concord New Music UK


Stay relevant.

Stick to 1 to 4 main playlists that you update on a regular basis to keep your listeners engaged. Introduce topical and timely playlists to celebrate a particular songwriter, commemorate an anniversary, or mark a special occasion.

WCM Germany