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Spotify is the largest global audio streaming service. Spotify has a number of tools to help you drive listeners to your songs any way you want: across social networks, mailing lists, websites, even email signatures.


Play anywhere:

A Spotify embeddable player is a short piece of code that allows individual tracks, albums, or playlists to be streamed on any website. These simple, customizable snippets of code provide rich music experiences across desktop & mobile web. Generate your code at the Spotify Developers site.

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It’s simple to share your music on all your social channels. Whether a track, profile, or playlist, every piece of content in Spotify is designed to be shareable by clicking the three dots next to any content in the Spotify player. Copy links right into status fields in Facebook or directly to an Instragram story. And when you share a Spotify song link on Twitter, it creates a custom, playable audiocard—so fans can play the song right without interruption.

Spotify Codes

Take your content even further.

Spotify Codes are a unique way to share that can be used almost anywhere and as easy as taking a picture. Learn how to share with Spotify Codes and check out the FAQ for more help.

Web APIs

Build custom experiences.

The Spotify Web API and iOS/Android SDKs allow you to incorporate the entire Spotify library (tracks, albums, artists, and more) into your apps and services. You can have this power all streaming music on your site, so users can save tracks to their Spotify accounts with one click. You can customize the experience to enable users to create their own playlists from your catalogs and export them directly to their Spotify accounts.